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Our company offers you two very special products to decorate your house, office or any other space:
Beton Look


Beton Look is a ‘micro cement’ product and gives a wonderful dimension to almost any surface you want to treat, like:

Work tops


It is not a paint, it looks like a pasta and as such it is more a plastering product than a painting product. This means that you need a certain skill in plastering to get the best result. It’s therefore that we organize workshops from time to time but of course we have our own specialized team that can do any job you like to be done.


In contradiction with most of the so called ‘beton ciré’ products our product does not contain any kind of toxins or allergens which makes it save for COPD patients and children.


How does it work?


The upbringing of Beton Look can vary on the surface you want to treat, but generally there are four steps in the process. We start with cleaning and eventual preparing the surface itself. A high quality primer (which is in the package of course) is the first need, followed by a first layer of Beton Look. It has to dry and then a second layer is brought up. The finishing touch is a lacquer layer that contains a hardener resulting in a tough top layer that feels good and protects your product indoor and outdoor, makes it very easy to clean and will keep the product as new for a long time.


Does it need any maintenance?


Beton Look is easy to maintain. General cleaning is done with a simple eco-friendly detergent. Avoid products that can make scratches, use floor protectors under dining chairs for instance. Don’t worry because in rare cases that your product is damaged it is easy to repair with our PU lacquer.

We are importing this product directly from the factory in the Netherlands which gives us access to the best advices we can imagine. In all cases that we don’t have a straight answer we will provide that within 24 hours.

Beton Look is available in many colors. We don’t have all these colors in stock of course but within two weeks after ordering it will arrive in our warehouse.




At first sight this product looks similar to Beton Look, but there is a big difference: Venetian is just a decoration material and not suitable for floors and hard work tops. It is also a plastering product more than a painting but bringing it up on surfaces like walls and furniture is a lot less time consuming than Beton Look. It is important that the surface is straight, cleaned and smooth. The first part of the decorating is to bring up a lacquer layer that feels like a polymer and protects your surface. It prevents the final product from contact with moist that could be inside the walls or surfaces. This layer has to dry for one day and then the final product can be brought up and very soon it will be dry and you can enjoy the view that it will give you. Of course we can show you in our regular workshops how to do it yourself or you can make use of our specialized team that will clear the job for you. We only have two prices: one per kilogram product (including 250 cl. primer) and one for the complete product including our service, all charged per square meter surface.

Venetian is available in all colors that belong to the RAL group. You can see these colors in our shop OUT OF THE BOX and we can order your favorite color that will arrive in our warehouse within two weeks after day of ordering.

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