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Frequently Asked Questions about Malta Furniture

1Is there an IKEA in Malta?
No, there is no IKEA in Malta. That's exactly why Malta Furniture Ltd offers an IKEA delivery service. You send us your shopping list, and we do the rest. To be able to do so, we are working closely together with IKEA Genoa.
2Do you offer an IKEA Service?
Yes we do! We started offering an IKEA delivery service almost a decade ago, but only 3 years ago we took the service to the next level with Malta Furniture ltd.
3Does Malta Furniture Ltd only bring IKEA to Malta?
No way! We're also very proud to offer handmade Keller Kitchens from the Netherlands, as well as garden furniture, office furniture, and our own 2nd Life brand. The latter involves a series of handmade furniture with recycled wood such as pallets and scaffolding wood.
4Is Malta Furniture Ltd a Maltese company?
Yes and no. We are obviously registered in Malta, but we're a Dutch family working hard to deliver furniture as soon as possible. We call it Dutch efficiency.
5What year Malta Furniture ltd was established?
Malta Furniture Ltd was established in July 2017.
6Where is Malta Furniture Ltd located?
You can find us in the Triq Karmen Micallef Buhagiar in Haz-Zebbug . We're easy to find with the help of Google Maps.
7Does Malta Furniture Ltd has an IKEA showroom?
We do have a showroom, but not necessarily an IKEA showroom. We follow the IKEA guidelines and therefore we don't have an IKEA shop. We do have some IKEA furniture on display, as well as Keller Kitchens, CASA, and our handmade 2nd Life furniture.
8Do I need an appoinment?
For IKEA Kitchens designs, Keller Kitchens designs, and other designs, it's best to make an appointment so you have our undivided attention. For all other requests, you can just drop by at any time on working days between 9:30 am and 5:30 pm.

Welcome to Malta Furniture Ltd, your trusted IKEA service in Malta.

IKEA to Malta

It all started with a husband pleasing his wife with some IKEA furniture from the Netherlands. She so dearly wanted to get some IKEA furniture for her home in Malta. So, he decided to find a way to bring the IKEA furniture to Malta.
The past decade, we delivered thousands of IKEA orders to our customers in Malta and Gozo. In July 2017, we created Malta Furniture Ltd to take our service to the next level.

IKEA to Malta

Trusted IKEA service Malta

With a small team, we’re truly dedicated to bringing our customers the best IKEA service possible. It’s a family business and each customer is appreciated.

IKEA in Malta is becoming more popular still, and because of that, we’re still growing. However, we always find something to improve to come to an even better and faster IKEA service. Of course, Covid-19 meant a bit of a setback for all businesses, but it only increased the drive to take things to the next level.

Keller Kitchens

Besides our esteemed IKEA delivery service, we have a few other attractive furniture services to offer as well. Take our Keller Kitchens. A beautiful handmade and affordable kitchen product from the Netherlands. Keller Kitchens come in many materials, styles, colours.

Get inspired and have a look at the Keller Kitchens Collection. We offer the kitchen design for free while we can install the kitchen for you as well. You’re not on your own! You can always make a free appointment with our kitchen designer for some free advice.

2nd Life by Malta Furniture

Just like IKEA, we try our very best to run an environment-friendly business. We always make sure the IKEA packages and pallets are disposed of the right way, for example. Another way to contribute to a sustainable business is by recycling certain materials like wood.

This can be pallet wood, but more popular with customers is our scaffolding wooden furniture. We proudly present the line of recycled furniture as 2nd Life and you can pre-order the 2nd Life items in our online shop.