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About Us
Here's how our journey started

The story of Malta Furniture Ltd started in 2011 when a dedicated housewife started dreaming about IKEA furniture after which her husband, always trying to make her happy, did his very best to find a way to get the furniture from their country of origin. Many phone calls later, the husband happily announced that his wife’s wishes were his command and that he found a way to transport the IKEA furniture from Holland to Malta. It seemed that the local transport company Attrans offered what he was looking for with a transport route between Holland and Malta. Little did both companies know at that time that 7 years later, they would make thousands of customers happy with IKEA furniture every week.

Happy as the wife was with her IKEA furniture from Holland, she told everybody who wanted to hear the story while the husband was bragging about how he made the wife happy. What they could have known, was that family and friends started to ask if they might could use their line between the two countries to get either some IKEA or some typical groceries from Holland. It couldn’t hurt to help some friends out right? One friend, became two friends and before the couple realized a personal service started to grow out, unintentionally, to a well-known transport service which has been known in the country as the Holland-Malta Service for a long time.

During the 7 years since the accidental foundation of the Holland-Malta Service, a large network of customers all over the Maltese islands was created. Over 5,000 customers of more than 20 nationalities found their way to Holland-Malta via the website, the showroom (Out of the Box) or warehouse which are both located in Zebbug.

What started with mainly the import of IKEA furniture to Malta and a transport service, grew out to be a complete furniture business by now importing Keller Kitchens, office furniture, outdoor furniture and, of course, IKEA. The demand for an import service like the Holland-Malta Service kept on growing and what started as a sort of “matrimonial favour”, grew too big for the couple, who were approaching their retirement, to handle on their own. That’s the moment two younger family members came into the picture, ready to revive the business turning it into Malta Furniture Ltd.

Besides the name and a more professional approach, nothing really changed for the large network of loyal customers. The company can still fill all rooms inside and all spaces outdoor, both for private customers as well as for business clients. Be it indoor or outdoor, Malta Furniture Ltd can help you with designing and realizing new concepts.

A considerable number of companies contact Malta Furniture Ltd when they need office furniture or furniture for the catering room. With two famous suppliers of outdoor furniture, we can decorate a small balcony as easily as a large spacious terrace.

One brand available via Malta Furniture Ltd that deserves to be in the spotlight is KELLER. Keller Kitchens is a purely Dutch kitchen brand geared to the needs and wishes of its customers, including customers who find their way to Malta Furniture Ltd. KELLER offers a large variety of units to meet your kitchen desire. We are there to help you create a fantastic design and once ready to order, you don’t have to wait months for your brand new kitchen to be installed as this can already be within 5 weeks. All kitchens are produced in the Keller factory in the Netherlands and are offered with a 5-year unconditional warranty. We deliver a complete range of appliances and the installation of the kitchen is in the hands of our own experienced team.

While furniture is our main business, Malta Furniture Ltd also gives new dimensions to your walls, floors and table tops. With our brands Venetian and our micro-cement brand Beton Look we bring your house back to life in a way that was shortly regarded as impossible.